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現代化的智能體驗——LG Thinq住宅第1張圖片

LG Thinq House / Estudio Guto Requena + Pax Arquitetura



Text description provided by the architects. A House Connected to the Future. In a scenario where civil construction is one of the main responsible for CO2 emissions into the atmosphere, it is necessary to invest in new ways of designing and building.

現代化的智能體驗——LG Thinq住宅第2張圖片

現代化的智能體驗——LG Thinq住宅第3張圖片

LG ThinQ住宅是一個開源數字制造項目,目的是從全球合作平臺Wikihouse傳播一種可持續的施工策略,就施工系統的靈活性而言,它可以開發多種形式來適應不同的項目需求,這座建筑應用了新技術,由海軍松木膠合板建造而成,再通過數控機床加工和配件組裝,門廊有通過連接模塊連接的三條軸線,覆蓋著組裝墻體和天花板的預制木板。

LG ThinQ House is an open-source digital fabrication project that seeks to disseminate a sustainable construction method from a global collaboration platform, the wikihouse. From the availability of the construction system, it is possible to develop a variety of forms, adaptable to different project demands. A house connected with new technologies, built from naval pine plywood sheets, machined on a CNC machine and assembled only by fittings. There are three axes of porticoes articulated by a connector module and covered with prefabricated wooden boards that assemble walls and ceiling.

現代化的智能體驗——LG Thinq住宅第4張圖片


A clean, waste-free, organized and efficient work. The external structure (porticos and wooden enclosures) that occupies an area of 100 m2 was assembled in just 10 days. While traditional concrete buildings emit 1 ton of CO2 into the atmosphere for every ton of concrete, wood construction sequesters carbon dioxide in the same proportion.

現代化的智能體驗——LG Thinq住宅第5張圖片

外部結構覆蓋著防水植物纖維瓷磚,這是一種來源于再生紙張的輕質屋面,在建筑內部,木材面板讓整個空間更加舒適優雅,構成了巴西設計家具的整體環境,而這些家具與Guto Requena挑選的藝術品共同構成了室內空間,這些藝術品則是Galeria Nara Roesler的豐富收藏。

The external structure is covered with waterproofed vegetable fiber tiles, a type of light roof, made from recycled paper. Inside the House, the wooden slabs make the finish bringing comfort and elegance and are the setting for the mix of Brazilian design furniture that make up the space with works of art selected by Guto Requena, from the rich collection of Galeria Nara Roesler.

現代化的智能體驗——LG Thinq住宅第6張圖片


The interior comprises a living room, dining room, kitchen, bedroom, two balconies and LG showroom. All materials and finishes were designed to generate minimal non-recyclable waste. The Stainless Steel Kitchen was designed especially for the LG ThinQ House, which allows for a smooth surface that meets legal hygiene requirements, using stainless steel that stands out for its high performance, durability and for being fully recyclable.

現代化的智能體驗——LG Thinq住宅第7張圖片

Guto Requena的家具和物件主要是展示巴西設計的優勢,除此之外還有一些經典作品,比如Jorge Zalszupin、Pax.Arq、Estúdio Rain等等,就家具而言,其中的一些產品由Estúdio Guto Requena設計,比如Alma燈具、Nóize椅子、Delírios扶手椅、Era Uma Vez與 Love Project花瓶等,除了未出版的作品Buffet Atração、Cama Sonhadora以及 HeartWall,它們通過參數化數字設計,并且通過類似的建筑結構語言進行制造。

The curatorship of furniture and objects by Guto Requena seeks to present ascendant names of Brazilian design, in addition to classics, such as Jorge Zalszupin, Pax.Arq, Estúdio Rain by Breton, Daniel Jorge, Karol Suguikawa, Humberto da Mata,Lucas Neves, Marcelo Ligieri, Inês Schertel, Alva Design and Maria Candida Machado (Dpot). Among the furniture, some of the products are designed by Estúdio Guto Requena, such as the Alma lamp, the Nóize chair, the Delírios armchair, Era Uma Vez and Love Project vases. In addition to the launch of the unpublished pieces Buffet Atração, Cama Sonhadora and the HeartWall, both digitally designed through parametric programming and manufactured in CNC, in a language similar to the structure of the house.

現代化的智能體驗——LG Thinq住宅第8張圖片

現代化的智能體驗——LG Thinq住宅第9張圖片

木材、原始家具、輕質飾面的選擇構成了溫暖、歡迎的空間氛圍,展廳的環境沉浸式地呼應了LG整體主色調,因而整體脫穎而出,強調了品牌體驗,每個家庭都能夠通過LG ThinQ技術構成的智能自動化系統相互連接,在這里,設計、人工智能、可持續發展、醫療健康相互結合在一起,構成了全新的與環境互動的生活方式。

The choice of wood, original furniture and light finishes provides a warm, inviting and introspective atmosphere. The showroom environment stands out for its immersion in LG's main color, highlighting the brand experience. Every home is interconnected by an intelligent automation system made possible by LG ThinQ technology, with products that align design, artificial intelligence, sustainability and health care, proposing a new way of living and interacting with inhabiting.

現代化的智能體驗——LG Thinq住宅第10張圖片

現代化的智能體驗——LG Thinq住宅第11張圖片


Design, art and technology are integrated in the construction of a Connected House. A possible alternative for a sustainable future.

現代化的智能體驗——LG Thinq住宅第12張圖片

現代化的智能體驗——LG Thinq住宅第13張圖片

現代化的智能體驗——LG Thinq住宅第14張圖片

現代化的智能體驗——LG Thinq住宅第15張圖片

現代化的智能體驗——LG Thinq住宅第16張圖片

建筑設計:Estudio Guto Requena, PAX.ARQ
類型:住宅 室內
面積:100 m2
攝影:Fran Parente, Pedro Urizzi
制造商:Cosentino, Guardian Glass, +55 Design, ALARMBR, Alva Design, Arbol Arts, Arte e Leitura, Bertolucci Iluminação, Braston, Breton, Bunker Design, By Kamy, City Design, Codex Home, Confortomax, Deca, Do Barro Atêlier, Dpot Brasil, Dpot Objetos, Duratex, +24
結構計算:Carpinteria Estrutura
燈光設計:Foco Luz e Desenho
土木工程:lock engenharia
室內設計:Estudio Guto Requena
景觀設計:Monica Costa
創意方向:Guto Requena
駐場建筑師:Ludovica Leone
金融:Sérgio Sá
項目協調:Monique Tavares, Thatiana Pacheco
建筑師團隊:Mateus Fraga, João Vargas, Rodolfo Torres, Priscila Sati
助理建筑師:Breno Sá Leitão
實習生:Damany Santos
通訊媒體:Thalissa Bechelli
視覺設計:Paulo Paiva
產品:Ian Diesendruck
建筑:Orion Campos
產品設計:Bernardo Yono, Jasmim Caparroz
產品團隊:Heitor Espindola
協調方:Camila Gonçalves
計算機:Bruno Aricó
團隊:Victor Paixão, Paula Sertório, Raphael Nogueira, Ana Carolina Scarpitti
裝配結構:Crosslam Brasil

Architects: Estudio Guto Requena, PAX.ARQ
Area: 100 m2
Year: 2021
Photographs: Fran Parente, Pedro Urizzi
Manufacturers: Cosentino, Guardian Glass, +55 Design, ALARMBR, Alva Design, Arbol Arts, Arte e Leitura, Bertolucci Iluminação, Braston, Breton, Bunker Design, By Kamy, City Design, Codex Home, Confortomax, Deca, Do Barro Atêlier, Dpot Brasil, Dpot Objetos, Duratex, +24
Structure Calculations: Carpinteria Estrutura
Lighting Project: Foco Luz e Desenho
Civil Works: lock engenharia
Interior Project: Estudio Guto Requena
Landscaping Project: Monica Costa
Creative Direction: Guto Requena
Local Operations Architects: Ludovica Leone
Finances: Sérgio Sá
Project Coordination: Monique Tavares, Thatiana Pacheco
Architecture Team: Mateus Fraga, João Vargas, Rodolfo Torres, Priscila Sati
Junior Architect: Breno Sá Leitão
Intern: Damany Santos
Communications: Thalissa Bechelli
Communication Designer: Paulo Paiva
Products: Ian Diesendruck
Architecture: Orion Campos
Product Designer: Bernardo Yono, Jasmim Caparroz
Product Team: Heitor Espindola
Coordinator: Camila Gonçalves
Computer: Bruno Aricó
Team: Victor Paixão, Paula Sertório, Raphael Nogueira, Ana Carolina Scarpitti
Assembly Construction: Crosslam Brasil
City: São Paulo
Country: Brazil




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